“Leora’s chocolate blends are unbelievably tasty and convenient for making delicious and ultra yummy hot beverage on the go. Drinking it warms my soul and makes me feel amazing from the inside, out! I enjoy drinking while reading a good book or journaling. Cacao is the new coffee, so much better for your health and your heart, especially with all the incredible herbs that she so thoughtfully adds. I highly recommend trying it for yourself!”

“Leora’s Cacao Elixirs are not only delicious but they are full of amazing medicinal herbs. As someone who does a low sugar diet I really appreciate that they’re not too sweet but perfectly satisfying. I even like to mix the two blends together sometimes! So yummy!”

“Leora’s chocolates are truly high vibe soul food. Such good medicine to rewire our sensitive selves back to a LOVE frequency.”

“Leora’s artisan elixirs carry within them the resonance of love & compassion. If you open to the experience, you can literally feel the heart imbued into her creations when you embibe them! As a hyper-sensitive intuitive, cacao/chocolate connoisseur, lover of all things organic & chef who runs a vegan food truck: I recommend these elixirs for aiding in your upliftment!”
-Captain Jordan, The Black Acorn Food Truck

“Leora’s Herbal Cacao Elixirs are truly divine, next-level creations that are a welcome gift for our ascending bodies. The Damiana Cardamon Cacao is not only delicious but elevates my mood and I can feel the energetic upliftment from the very first sip. It’s so amazing that every single friend I serve it to asks how they can get some for themselves! I have so much gratitude for Leora for all the love she puts into these sacred elixirs.”

“Leora’s Chocolates Herbal Cacao Elixirs are such a fabulous treat to my taste buds! The blends are so unique and incredible. They are easy to prepare and one bag lasts me a while! I highly recommend these to anyone who has ever enjoyed a cup of hot chocololate or a glass of chocolate milk. So much tastier than plain old cocoa powder, and I love all the herbs and superfoods.”

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